Assistant Homebrewer

    Job Title: Assistant Homebrewer

The Role of The Assistant Homebrewer is to act as an ambassador of goodwill towards beer and the people that make it at home. This is a part time position that will require 15-30 hours per week. Excellent customer service is the primary objective of The Homebrewer and every team member working here. We strive to go above and beyond in every way to make sure our customers experience nothing but the best in service and support. This requires each of our team members to have frequent customer interactions, maintain a clean and orderly store, and assist other team members in achieving their primary tasks.

Primary Daily Task:
Customer Service and Sales Closing
-Treating every single person as an equal, if not superior, homebrewer. Our customers are the Brewmasters, we are their assistants.
-Helping customers Choose, Develop, Improve (only when asked), and gather ingredients for their recipes.
-Maintain a clean and orderly store. This includes: Regular sweeping, dusting, mopping, glass cleaning, bathrooms, trash and more.
-Using a cash register and computer based point of sale system
-Answering phone calls and assembling phone/Email orders
-Maintaining and following up on Special Orders and No/Low Lists

Secondary Tasks
Customer service includes ensuring that inventory is well stocked, organized, and presentable. This means we all play a role in inventory management which includes:
-Maintaining inventory levels on the floor.
-Regular floor/workspace inspections to ensure safety and cleanliness.
-Repackaging of bulk goods
-Shipping and Receiving

Additional Commitments and Expectations
All team members are expected to actively participate in and improve upon their knowledge ofa ll things beer, as well as present a positive image and make a positive impact on our community.
-Participate in regular employee meetings, which include updates, BJCP style tasting and evaluations, regular presentations on beer related topics.
-Brew often and Share
-Maintain the “Dojo” atmosphere. This includes: Cooperation with teammates, Upholding a professional, courteous, drug and harassment free atmosphere, and greeting everyone with a warm and sincere smile.
-Be a positive force for good in our neighborhood and brewing community. We encourage and support all our teammates in participating in brewing clubs, competitions and bottle shares, as well as helping with community events and maintaining a positive relationship will all our neighbors, customers, friends and brewing family.

-$9/hr – Through a 90 day intro period with opportunity for immediate advancement.
-Paid Vacations*
-Paid Holidays*
-Annual Bonus*
(*based on average hours worked and available after intro period)
-Monthly Brewing allowance
-Discounts on Ingredients and Equipment
-Beer allocations from the brewery/tasting room (once operational)

Minimum Qualifications:
-US Citizen or Eligible for Employment in the US
-Ability to lift 50+ lbs Regularly
-High School Diploma/GED Equivalent
-6 months consecutive prior employment
-Working Knowledge of basic Homebrewing processes, equipment, ingredients and beer styles.
-Proficiency with PC operation, experience with MS Office/Quickbooks is desired.
-Reliable transportation

Email Resume/Cover Letter to: