Cider Workshop pt 2: Blending and Balancing


Join us as award winning cider maker, Brian Trout, walks us through the tricks to blend and balance your  finished Cider.



Lets Cider More!

Join us as our resident cider expert, Brian Trout, walks us through a rundown on what we can do with cider once the fermentation is through, and how we can make a better product via blending, adding fruits & spices, and acid & tannin balancing.

We will provide the cider, as well as various fruits, flavors, tinctures, acids, and walk you through using and experimenting with them.  In the end, you’ll get to make your very own blended, balanced and/or flavored cider to take home with you.

We will provide some snacks and other palette cleansers to help you along with your experimentation.

We will be learning the “black arts” of cider making — Blending, Balancing, and Making Special Ciders — by doing it all in this class. Complexity, Acids, Tannins, Backsweetening, and Specialty Custom Ciders on the fly. Fun for all levels. – This is the follow up to those Cider Making Workshops.

When: Monday, June 26th 6:30-9:00

Cost: $50

21+ w/ Valid ID

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June 26th, 6:30pm – Mon


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