Basic Off Flavors Workshop


Join us as we taste through 6 common beer off flavors.



Basic Beer Off-Flavors:

  • Taste and learn about the Main 6 beer off flavors,
  • How to identify them
  • How to correct them.

A large part about improving yourself as a brewer is understanding how to identify off flavors, how they are created, and how to avoid them.

These skill sets are also important for bartenders, servers, restaurant/bar owners.

The average beer consumer should also be aware of how to identify these flaws, and how to politely address the issue if they are served a flawed beer. Not all flaws are equal, and some “flaws” are acceptable to a certain degree in many styles.

This course will serve as a building block for building your overall beer knowledge and appreciation.

This 1.5 hr class will provide samples of a control beer that has been dosed with the chemical compounds that we associate with the most common off-flavors in beer production and draft dispense.


  • 6 Off-flavors
  • 1 control beer
  • Guided tasting/instruction

Must be 21, or older, to attend. Valid ID MUST be present at tasting.

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April 30th 6:30pm, July 22nd 6:30pm, Sept 3rd 6:30pm, November 5th 6:30pm


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