Candi Syrup – Simplicity (Clear) – 1 lb Pouch


Candi Syrup – Simplicity (Clear) – 1 lb Pouch

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Simplicity is a near perfect balance of highly fermentable sugars. It is a unique blonde Belgian style Candi Syrup unlike anything available on the market today. Excellent for Saisons, Triples, and Golden Ale’s. It is readily fermentable and creates a refreshing subtle flavor that is always on the periphery of your palate. Some say it has a faint “citrusy” flavor and others say is has a mild honey palate. Simplicity Candi Syrup is much to be preferred over refined sugar due to it’s superior fermentability.

Ingredients: Beet sugar and water. Color: 1ÂșL, PPG: 1.032.