Co2 Exchange – 2.5 lb


100% Beverage Quality co2 – Cannot be shipped.

  • Confirm your tank is within Hydrotest (photos/details below)
  • Confirm your tank is actually empty (regulators in a fridge are not accurate – photos/details below)
  • Confirm your tank is not engraved¬†Property Of xxxx (if so, we cannot accept it)
  • A sticker, painted logo, or silkscreen logo is not an engraving – stickers/paint etc are ok.

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Is your tank past its Hydro test? View the example below to check.

The original hydrotest for this tank was Dec’ 2011, then it was retested in March 2019. An aluminum tank must be tested every 5 years.











Is your tank actually empty? The fill gauge on your regulator is not accurate if your tank/regulator is in the fridge. View the photo below for more info on how to weigh your tank.

This photo shows the “tare weight” stamp on a co2 tank. The Tare weight is how much the tank weighs when empty. Each pound measured above that is an accurate tell for how many pounds of co2 are left in the tank.




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