Crisp Roasted Barley 750L – 1 lb

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Crisp Roasted Barley 750L – 1 lb

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Crisp Roasted Barley is a roasted, unmalted grain. It imparts dark brown color to the body and head of the beer. It has a distinctive roasted flavor and bitterness not found in similarly roasted, malted grain. Its unique ‘bite’ is a classic element in most stouts, and some nut brown, amber, and Scotch ales. Use moderately or heavily in stouts, or lightly in bitters and other dark beers.

Color Range °L : 700-800
Moisture % : 3.5
Protein Total % : N/A
Extract FG Dry : 68
Max Usage Rate % : 10
Diastatic Power : 0
Geography : United Kingdom
Maltster : William Crisp

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