Flaked Barley – 50 lb Bag


Flaked Barley – 50 lb Bag

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Superior Toasted Barley Flakes from Canada Malting. The infra-red cooking process used in the production of Superior Torrified Barley, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Barley and Flaked Rye has been shown to provide superior brewhouse performance, consistent quality and high extract levels. The infra-red heating process inactivates the natural grain enzymes making the products very stable in storage. Infra-red heating also imparts subtle toasted characters making Canada Malting’s flaked or torrified whole grains the adjunct of choice for your recipes.

Produced in a BRC-GFSI accredited, organic-certified, Kosher and Halal facility.

Color Range °L : 1
Moisture % : N/A
Protein Total % : N/A
Extract FG Dry : N/A
Max Usage Rate % : 40
Diastatic Power : N/A
Geography : Canada
Maltster : Canadian Malting