High Color Pale Malt – 1 lb

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High Color Pale Malt – 1 lb

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Step right up to the bold, rich, malty character of Pale High Color. A better backbone for bigger beers, it balances the bitterness and hop-forward profiles. Great Western Malt Pale High Color is produced with a kilning regimen based on traditional British malting practices. By maintaining an emphasis on enzymatic potential during the kilning process, they create a fully-functional base malt with malt-forward characteristics.

A slightly darker base malt than our Premium 2-row malt due to longer British Pale Ale-style kilning. Contributes a malty complexity to beer flavor and aroma.

Color Range °L : 2.6-3
Moisture % : 4
Protein Total % : 12.5
Extract FG Dry : 80
Max Usage Rate % : 100
Diastatic Power : 135
Geography : United States
Maltster : Great Western

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