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Pelton Pilsner Malt – 1 lb


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This Pilsner malt is the perfect choice for creating premium lagers, light ales, or as a light, flavorful base to your next homebrew.

Pelton (pronounced – pel·tin) produces a complex, slightly grassy, and crisp wort which comes from the small terrior in Central Oregon where the Mecca Grade Estate family farm and malthouse is located.

Mecca grows their unique heirloom variety of barley inside a 2 mile radius around their own malthouse. Inside their malthouse, their processing innovation of Mechanically Floor Malting producing a consistency and depth of flavor that creates a premium, artisan line of malts. Mecca Grade Estate Malt is the missing ingredient in your beer: a malt of uncompromising character and complexity, created for brewers and beer lovers alike. Northern Brewer is proud to offer homebrewers Mecca’s premium, handcrafted lineup that provides our homebrewers with a complexity and character completely unique to their field to finished malt process. Agricultural Pioneers: 100% of the malt comes from grain grown within a 2-mile radius of Mecca’s central Oregon family farm and malthouse. They have been farming the same ground since 1905: this is the very definition of estate malt. Revolutionary Innovation: Combining time-honored traditions with modern technology, they invented an entirely new process and machinery for creating this line of artisan malts. The process of ͞Mechanical Floor Malting allows their shallow grain beds to be in perpetual motion: soaking, stirring, and kilning their grain to perfection. Unparalleled Flavor: Mecca Grade Estate Malt is a farming family using a revolutionary malting process to transform rare grain varietals into malt bursting with character. Every step of the process, from field to finished malt, was designed to produce one-of-a-kind flavors not found anywhere else.

Color Range °L : 1.8
Moisture % : 4.8
Protein Total % : 10.7
Extract FG Dry : 80
Max Usage Rate % : 100
Diastatic Power : 190
Geography : United States
Maltster : Mecca Grade

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