Pure Idaho Pilsner Malt – 1 lb

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Pure Idaho Pilsner Malt – 1 lb

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Between the rugged Sawtooth Mountains and craggy Grand Tetons lie golden fields of barley perfection. It’s here, to the West of the Great Divide, where Great Western Malting crafts their renowned Pure Idaho malt. 100% Idaho-grown barley. This is the ultimate pilsner base malt. Processed gently and meticulously in Pocatello, Idaho, this malt contributes a balanced flavor profile designed to be at the heart of your craft. Pure Idaho is the malt of choice when a high-quality Pilsen or Idaho-specific product is desired.

Color Range °L : 1.4-1.6
Moisture % : 4
Protein Total % : 11.5
Extract FG Dry : 82
Max Usage Rate % : 100
Diastatic Power : N/A
Geography : United States
Maltster : Great Western

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