Special B – 1 lb

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Special B – 1 lb

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Château Special Belgium™ can be used to produce a deep red to dark brown-black color and fuller body. Château Special Belgium™ brings forth unique flavors and aromas, making it a powerhouse specialty malt. It gives intense color and raisin-like flavors while imparting a rich malty taste and a hint of nut and plum flavor as well. May substitute Chocolate and Black malt if bitterness is not desired. Suitable in Belgian ales, dubbles, brown ales and dopplebocks.

Color Range °L : 98-120
Moisture % : 8
Protein Total % : 11.5
Extract FG Dry : 77
Max Usage Rate % : 10
Diastatic Power : N/A
Geography : Belgium
Maltster : Chateau, Castle

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