Strata Pellet – 1 oz


Strata Pellet – 1 oz

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Aroma & Sensory Description:
Strata is described as “Passion fruit meets pot.” It brings layered notes of tropical fruit including; mango, passion fruit, melon, fresh berry/strawberry, and some citrus in the form of grapefruit. Along with this comes a dank herbal note of drifting cannabis. It also has less of the diesel/catty bite other hops with the same funky dankness carry.

Strata hops are not widely available yet.

As harvests get bigger, Strata will likely become much more widely available.

All experimentation points to Strata being very versatile dual-purpose hop variety. Bittering with Strata brings a nice balanced bitterness. Flavor and aroma additions bring out the fruity side with tropical fruit and fresh berry brightness.

Brewer’s say that dry hopping deepens the grapefruit and dank/herbal/cannabis elements. At this point, it has been used mostly in IPAs, Pale ales, and Session IPAs, but could work well in everything from saisons to lagers. Experimentation is going to be the name of the game here.

Can Substitute With / For:
At this time, there is no information out there on good substitutes for Strata hops.