Victory Malt – 1 lb

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Victory Malt – 1 lb

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Victory® is Bries’ biscuit style malt, lightly roasted to bring out the nutty, toasty, and biscuit flavors and aromas associated with baking bread. It’s an excellent malt for adding a layer of dry toasted complexity and a russet brown color to a wide range of beer styles. Use in small amounts to add a touch of warmth to light ales or lagers, or use in larger amounts (up top 25%) in darker beers to bring out more of the toasted biscuit flavors. Color Range °L : 28 Moisture % : 3 Protein Total % : N/A Extract FG Dry : 75 Max Usage Rate % : 25 Diastatic Power : N/A Geography : United States Maltster : Briess

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