WLP672 Lactobacillus Brevis


WLP672 Lactobacillus Brevis

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This is a rod-shaped Lactobacillus bacteria used for souring beers through either traditional or kettle souring techniques. This strain typically produces more lactic acid than strains like WLP677 Lactobacillus delbrueckii, making it an ideal addition to any sour program. Recommended usage is below 107°F (40°C). White Labs bacteria strains are now being propagated in an optimized, strain-specific growth media. This proprietary media, which is lighter in color, allows for better growth and viability of our pure cultures resulting in higher cell concentrations. Due to the improved cell concentration, we suggest utilizing the below pitch rate: Lactobacillus: contains >400 million cells/mL Recommended Pitch Rates: Secondary: 1 Liter per 10hL Primary (kettle sour): 1 Liter per 5hL *White Labs recommends pitching based on intended dosage rates as opposed to actual cell concentrations since these can vary slightly. Produces more lactic Acid than Delbrueckii