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  1. Cheese Making & Beer Pairing

    Cheese Making & Beer Pairing:

    Join us as we learn the how to make cheese at home! Our host, Larry Stein of Queso Diego, will walk you through everything you need to make your first batch of cheese & point you in the right direction as you learn more about this tasty hobby.

    Beer & Cheese Pairing Provided:

    George Thornton & Jacob Bauch (owner, brewer & Certified Cicerones), will curate a beer & cheese pairing featuring beers from Home Brewing Co.

    Course Includes:

    • Cheese Making Kit
    • Instruction
    • Curated Beer & Cheese Pairing

    Cheese making can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We will make sure that you leave with a better understanding of the types of cheeses available from around the world, a basic knowledge of how they are made, and the knowledge necessary to start making them at home for yourself!

    As an added bonus, we will also enjoy a beer and cheese pairing – one of the most enjoyable flavor combos in the entire world! Maybe we’re a little biased, because we love beer (and we love cheese) so much.


    Cheese Making & Beer Pairing

  2. Beer & Cheese Pairing: Southern Europe

    This series of courses explores the affinities for food and beer using cheese as our guide. We will spend time reviewing the basic tenants of beer and food pairing before we turn to some specific examples of beers and cheeses.

    Tasting will include a flight of beers following the specific theme listed in the title, and 3-4 classic cheese examples to explore.

    We will use this as a platform to facilitate group discussion about tasting and pairing.

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