Wort Day – Kettle Sour

Wort Day, Kettle Sour:
Bring in a Carboy, leave with Soured, Boiled Wort!

We will have pre-soured and boiled wort available to take home and finish up. Even if you’ve never made a beer, this is a way you can easily try your hand at fermentation.

Basic Info:

  • Pricing is per gallon
  • Limit 10 Gallons per homebrewer
  • Fermenters should be clean/sanitized when you bring them in
  • Bring some bottles to Wort Day Bottle Share (See Bottle Share Dates Below)
    • You’ll get sample other experiments done with the same wort!

Reserve your Wort

2018 Schedule:

Wort Day Pickup (12p-2p):
3/31/18 | 6/30/18 | 9/29/18
*Wort Day Bottle Share (6p-8p):
5/09/18 | 8/08/18 | 11/07/18

*Bottle Share is 5-6 weeks after wort day pickup. Bring 1-2 bottles by to share your experiments, and taste what everyone else tried as well.