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  1. Mastering Malt Workshop

    Are you a brewer of any level interested in elevating your brewing knowledge about malt? Are you in the industry and planning on taking an advanced beer service certification exam? Welcome to our Master Workshops!

    Using malt teas and an in-depth presentation on the malting process, get to really know the most fundamental ingredient in beer. This class is designed for brewers of all levels.

    This hands-on malt workshop covers in depth the malting process and how the choice of different malts can dramatically effect your beers.

    In the first half of the class we will discuss how grain becomes malt and the different processes that create base and specialty malts.

    The second half of the class we will taste up to 20 “malt teas” in order to get really know this essential ingredient

    Topics will include:

    Barley varieties
    Grain to malt
    Workings of a modern malthouse
    Base grains and their uses
    Kilned vs roasted malts
    Mashing and enzymes
    Malt tea tasting
    Tools and tips to for choosing the malt bill of your next recipe

    Class includes two 8oz. pours from our tasting room

    Class length 2 hours