National Fast Food Day Beer Paring

National Fast Food Day
Beer & Taco Bell Pairing

Taco Bell Items paired with delicious Home Brewing Co beers. Curated by Owner George Thornton (Cicerone and National Beer Judge). Join us for a fun filled garbage food eating experience.

This is the best of all of your worlds colliding like a non-accidental acid trip through all those times when you thought you were hoity-toity, but come on, we all just really want some Taco Bell.

Sit back and let us fine dine you. We will pick up the food and have it ready for you by 6:30pm. We will pour your beers and have a tasting matte with our tasting notes prepared ahead of time.

3x Curated Home Brewing Co. Beers (totaling more than one pint)
Curated Meal of Taco Bell Items