Beer Geek Olympics

Come in and Enjoy the Olympic Spirit:

Come in any time during the Olympics and take on one of our many challenges to test (or show-off) your beer geekiness.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. Come in to enjoy some lovingly crafted beers, and ask for the Beer Geek Olympics Menu. You can participate in any or all of the contests. Results will be tracked throughout the games, and the results will be posted once the official Olympics end.

The Categories Are:

  1. Tasting – Put your tongue and nose to the test! Events in this category will require knowledge and experience with Styles, Off Flavors, Yeast Strain, and Hop varieties.
  2. Brewing – This is where brains meet braun! Events in this category are a bit more physically demanding and will require the skills necessary to see a brew from start to completion. Contestants will write recipes, breakdown kegs, and identify raw brewing ingredients.
  3. Beer Geekiness – Yeah you can drink and brew, but now you can drink and think. This category will require you to have knowledge of BJCP beer styles, Current commercial offerings, and how the world views them.