Repeal Day & Zana’s Bday Celebration – Drink at “Home” ;)

Repeal Day Speakeasy & Beer Cocktails, Pecan Porter Release, Food & Clothing Drive, & Zana’s BDAY!

Repeal Day & Zana’s BDAY!

On December 5th, 1933, Prohibition Ended At Last!

To celebrate the end of this failed experiment, we are throwing a “Speakeasy” themed party. That’s right, dress in your best Flapper and/or Bootlegger clad. Zana was conveniently was born on December 5th, many years after prohibition ended, but very fitting. Bring your dancing shoes, and most whole hearted laughter as we also celebrate Zana’s birthday!

Food & Clothing Drive:

We are hosting a clothing drive in partners with Sharia’s Closet, and a food drive with The Indie Beer Show, benefiting the SD Food Bank to help those in need.
Clean out your closets, bathrooms and pantry as we collect:

  • Clothing (mens, womens infants, toddlers, teenagers)
  • Hygiene Products (toothbrush, toothpaste, diapers, soap, shampoo)
  • Bedding (blankets, pillows, sheets)
  • Laundry Supplies (detergent)
  • Non-Perishable Food and Instant Formula

Beer Release & Beer Cocktail Collab:

– Jacob and Zana are at it again to bring you another collaboration with Tribute Pizza, a Pecan Nut Brown Ale, “Totes Contains Pecans”. Tribute Pizza roasted the Pecans in their woodfire oven to achieve cozy aromatics and delicious taste.

We have partnered with Collins and Coupe Cocktail Supply Coto create a Classic Cocktail Themed Beer-Cocktail. Garnish & all! It will be delicious!

Best part…  no password needed.

Small Business Saturday Sale

Shop Local & Keep The Homebrew Love Strong in Our Community. 

We love being here for you, and we love supporting our neighbors and our community. A big part of that is the choice we make to shop local and often.

Here’s what we have in store for you this Nov. 30th:

  • 20% Off Supplies (!!!!)*
  • Special Clearance Deals!**

*Due to contracts w/ certain vendors, we cannot extend the 20% discount to large equipment.
** Does include some large equipment, that we are not allowed to advertise here.

QUAFF Appreciation Happy Hour

Are you a member of QUAFF?

Show us your membership and join us for a Happy Hour just for you! Enjoy an evening talking shop, while strolling through the shop. We are here for your fermenting needs!

Not a member of QUAFF?

Come hang out and get to know this great group of friendly and knowledgable homebrewers!

Remember! As a member you also get a discount on homebrew supplies. We will see you then!


Buenas Conchas Release: Celebration of Mexican Independence Day

Buenas Conchas Amigos!

On Mexican Independence Day, our friends from Creative Creature, Mike Hess Brewing Co., and Coffee & Tea Collective brewed a very special beer with us: An Imperial Golden Breakfast Pastry Stout with Conchas in the mash, Piloncillo sugar in the boil, & a special Coffee & Tea Collective blend of coffee.

Join us Sunday morning for fresh baked Conchas & Beer.


My Favorite Murder Beer Release

We’re fans of the podcast My Favorite Murder and the work they do to advocate for and support victims’ rights.

To honor this work and their efforts, we are brewing a special Halloween/My Favorite Murder Beer: Brewed with Gummy Worms & Raspberry. This 7.8% is very sneaky, but we’ll keep you safe. Plus we have candy, because that is not creepy. (#SSDGM)

The Gals won’t be hanging out with us day of (this isn’t an official event for them by any means, it’s just an homage to the work they do, and a chance for us to get together as a community for those in our midst that can use the love and support).

We will be collecting donations to go directly to YWCA Becky’s House Domestic Violence Programs.

Wort Day – Kettle Sour

Wort Day, Kettle Sour :
Bring in a Carboy, leave with Soured, Boiled Wort!

We will have pre-soured and boiled wort available to take home and finish up. Even if you’ve never made a beer, this is a way you can easily try your hand at fermentation.

Basic Info:

  • Pricing is per gallon – If you would like 5 gallons, you need to add 5 items to the cart
  • Maximum 10 Gallons per homebrewer
  • Fermenters must be clean/sanitized when you bring them in
  • Bring some bottles to Wort Day Bottle Share (See Bottle Share Dates Below)
    • You’ll get sample other experiments done with the same wort!

Reserve your Wort

2019 Schedule:

Wort Day Pickup (10a-noon):
*Wort Day Bottle Share (6p-8p): 11/02/19 |

*Bottle Share is 5-6 weeks after wort day pickup. Bring 1-2 bottles by to share your experiments, and taste what everyone else tried as well.

All-Grain Homebrewing 101

All-Grain Homebrewing 101 — from equipment needs to recipe selection, mashing, collecting your wort and troubleshooting common issues. This class is designed for brewers of all levels but please note we will not cover the entire brewing process. Rather, we will focus on the key differences in brewing from all-grain with special attention to the mashing process.

All-grain brewing is the process of brewing with base grains rather than malt extract. There are many considerations in moving to this type of brewing. With the right info, all-grain brewing gives you ultimate control over your beers — not to mention it can be incredibly rewarding.

Topics will include:

Why go all-grain?
Equipment options for all-grain homebrewing
Choosing a recipe and ingredients for your first all-grain brew
All-grain water basics
Temperatures, Malt enzymes and Starch conversion
Mashing, Vorlauf and Sparging techniques
Calculating efficiency
Tools and tips to make your all-grain brew day a success
Troubleshooting common issues

Class includes one 8oz. pour from our tasting room

Class length 2 hours Hosted by Sean Watkins & Erick Oropeza 



Resilience IPA (Big Batch) Release & Raffle Announcement Party

Campfire Victims Relief Fundraiser Part Two of Two:

Resilience IPA (Big Batch) Release & Raffle Announcement Party

We will announce the winner of the Grainfather raffle, and tap our version of Resilience IPA brewed on our 7bbl system.
100% of Proceeds for Resilience IPA go to Victim Relief Fund.
100% of Proceeds for Grainfather Raffle go to Victim Relief Fund.
Raffle Tickets Can be Purchased Here:

About The #Campfire:

The Camp Fire devastated communities in Northern California in November 2018. The fire caused 88 fatalities (as of Dec. 5 2018) and destroyed entire communities. Official updates can be found here.

About The Raffle:

  • 100% of proceeds will go to The Camp Fire Relief Fund.
  • Buy as many raffle tickets as you like!
  • Entering is easy. Simply add as many tickets to the cart as you like. We will automatically assign and email your raffle ticket numbers.
  • The Raffle will be drawn on the same day that we release Resilience IPA (Date TBD – Late January).
  • You will not need to be present to win, as the raffle will be drawn electronically.

About The Grainfather:

The Grainfather, is your all in one brewing system, to make beer from grain. The sleek look, user friendly, intuitive design, and innovative features, make this your perfect brewing companion for both experienced and beginner all grain brewers.

 It is made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel with a 30 L capacity, designed to make up to 23 L of beer from one brew.

This unit has been donated by Grainfather in an effort to raise as much donations as possible.

National Fast Food Day Beer Paring

National Fast Food Day
Beer & Taco Bell Pairing

Taco Bell Items paired with delicious Home Brewing Co beers. Curated by Owner George Thornton (Cicerone and National Beer Judge). Join us for a fun filled garbage food eating experience.

This is the best of all of your worlds colliding like a non-accidental acid trip through all those times when you thought you were hoity-toity, but come on, we all just really want some Taco Bell.

Sit back and let us fine dine you. We will pick up the food and have it ready for you by 6:30pm. We will pour your beers and have a tasting matte with our tasting notes prepared ahead of time.

3x Curated Home Brewing Co. Beers (totaling more than one pint)
Curated Meal of Taco Bell Items