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  1. Homebrew Competition: Save the Maris Otter

    Save the Maris Otter:
    American & English Barleywines Only

    Help us Save the Maris Otter! This wonderfully bready and biscuity malt is fantastic in all styles. We think it works particularly well with Barleywines… So let’s brew some!
    This competition is open to American and English Barleywine.

    All level of brewers are encouraged to enter. You will receive complete BJCP feedback from our staff of trained judges. It’s a great way to sharpen your skills and get some pointers for how to make your favorite hobby even more rewarding.

    Registration Deadline: Saturday, April 14 2018

    Online Registration Only: All Entries must be processed online before the Registration Deadline

    Drop-off Deadline: Saturday, April 21 2018 8pm

    Judging Date: Sunday, April 22

    Accepted Styles (BJCP 2015):
    17D – English Barleywine
    22C – American Barleywine

    Bottle Requirements:
    2x12oz Amber Bottles w/ no special markings, and all labeling removed.
    Clean, Unmarked Bottle Caps

    Fee Per Entry: $8


    Max Entries Per Brewer: 1 Per Style