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  1. Beer Style Breakdown: Germany

    This is a curated study group. I will select and purchase all of the styles according to the BJCP.

    We will split the cost of the beers amongst all of us. Bring $15-30 cash.

    The flight of beers will follow a specific trend/theme designed for breadth and depth where possible.

    We will go over the beers together and spend time researching/discussing the brewery, the beer itself, the style, food pairings, etc…

    This will be fun and light hearted, but the goal is to have a place where we can be a little more focused and organized, so the only other request is that you take it seriously, and keep chatter down to a minimum.


    Must be 21, or over, to attend.

    Each group starts at 6:30pm

    To Register:

    Go to http://www.thehomebrewersd.com/product/style-focus-study-group-series/

    select the appropriate date/class.