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Wall for Tasting Room Knocked Down

Good news as far as progress towards expanding our store to include an education focused brewery and tasting room. Next time you are in you will notice the large hole in the wall. This will be where the tasting area will go. Behind it will be a walk-in cooler, and behind it the brewery, classroom, and storage. The goal is brew 2-3bbl batches for us to experiment with hop, yeast, grain, and water variables.

Bye Bye Wall

This will be a great way to experience the many options that we as homebrewers have available for us. It will also be a great way to compare specific techniques etc… We hope our size will be small enough to allow flexibility, yet large enough to keep up with demand. 

As far as the overall process goes, we cannot say for sure now. The 30 day period for submitting a protest has passed (sorry if you missed it), but we have not heard back whether or not we have any complaints to deal with yet. Our last conversation with the ABC went something to the tune of, “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” So for now we wait.

Needless to say we are all extremely excited and anxious as we await further details. Come in to check it out, for we will be happy to share our goals/vision for the space. We’ll keep you posted here as well.

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